Congratulations on purchasing Hair Candy, By Nia Sioux Clip-in hair extensions! We are so honored and excited to have you sporting our product. These extensions are special, so we want to make sure we give you instructions on how to get the longest wear out of them.

Our Hair extensions are made with the finest 100% Indian Remy Human Hair. This allows you to style your extensions any way you like. By using heating tools, you may curl or straighten them.  For added flare try braiding your hair extensions.

Our Cotton Candy Collection comes in a beautiful array of vibrant pastel colors. We took great care in coloring our extensions. When human hair is colored there is a process called oxidation that will happen over time. This is where the hair will lighten, this is a natural process and happens to all human hair, extensions or not.

When you first receive your hair extensions, we suggest you flat iron them to straighten.  Please follow the instructions below for proper care.



  •  Do Flat iron or curl your hair extensions after you remove them from the box
  • Do brush gently with a detangling brush
  • Do shampoo your hair extension with color safe, sulfate free shampoo
  • Do condition your hair extensions with a color safe moisturizing conditioner
  • Do fill up a bowl will cool to cold water to shampoo your extensions
  • Do cleanse by gently dipping the extension in and out of the cool to cold water in the bowl
  • Do use the faucet to gently rinse your extension with medium to low water pressure and  cool to cold water
  • Do apply a dime size amount of color safe moisturizing conditioner to each extension, then rinse thoroughly with cool to cold water.
  • Do gently brush extension using a detangling brush from root to end, use a gentle racking motion until the brush goes all the way thru the extension.
  • Do lay extension flat on a dry towel, allow extension to dry naturally.
  • Do store extension by hanging them or place them back in the box. If you are storing your extension in the box, make sure it is completely dry.
  • Do style using low heat, no higher than 350 degrees.
  • Do brush your hair gently while wearing your hair extensions.
  • Do use alcohol free mousse and alcohol-free hair spray when styling your hair extensions.
  • Do use a heat protectant before you apply heat to your hair extensions



  • Don’t use heat over 350 degrees
  • Don’t ball extension up and store it in a drawer
  • Don’t use hot water to shampoo
  • Don’t shampoo without using conditioner
  • Don’t store in box wet or damp
  • Don’t shampoo with dandruff shampoo or shampoos with sulfates
  • Don’t brush extension roughly
  • Don’t sleep in hair extension
  • Don’t color hair extensions with bleach, peroxide, or ammonia
  • Don’t participate in any water sports while wearing your hair extensions unless they are braided down or covered.